Sunday, May 4, 2008


The way we've been avoiding sleep, you'd think it had cooties man! 

Blue Method is wrapping up yet another crazy travelling weekend: New York City, Swarthmore University, and Arlington, VA, in less than two fulls days!  Deliriousness has set in, I'll try to recap without losing my mind!!!

So Friday we hit up the beautiful HIGHLINE BALLROOM to help the Josh Dion Band celebrate the release of their new album (GET THAT SON!!).  Special thanks to JDB for including us in a great night of music and to DEREK JAMES and 7 CASS DILLON for sharing the stage with us.  And of course I can't forget my peoples for partying with us late into the night (i'll forget some, but I love you all!!): Jesse (you wreck another car this time?), Tejas, Zack, Meggem, Little Pete (ha!), Krazy Karl (of course)...and all the rest of you guys, old friends and new!! 

So we trekked back to the Philly area to hit up SWARTHMORE U for the third year (I guess they like us, we love y'all too!!!).  Special thanks to PARI and Emily for always bringing us back and taking great care of us.  And we can't forget Sarah and Theron's firefighting hands for a memorable intro! 

Then was the highlight of my weekend...heading down to WHITLOWS ON WILSON!!!!!  Thanks to the entire staff for always taking care of us and being just as excited (if not more!) as the fans about our music.  Once again Brian got housed by the gorgeous and talented LISA LOCKE on the vocals...don't worry B, it's just motivation! 

It's always a pleasure to hit up this spot: it's one of the rare occassions my beaufiul MOM AND DAD get to come out and see me play!!!  My pop always sits right up front, motorized scooter in full blast, and my Momma gets up and dances and sings the night away!  The Whitlows staff has a special place with us because they ALWAYS remember my parents and clear tables and chairs away for my Pop's wheelchair BEFORE he even shows up!  Special thanks to my sis Colette, my brother/cousin Kheli, Auntie (awww), Christina and crew, Miss Sandra and Freddy, Mary Lou and Dave, Stephanie and that huge posse she brought, and all the other regulars who ALWAYS bring new folks! 

When I'm sleepy I ramble.  I think there's some kind of a CD RECORDING THIS WEEKEND AT ZENOS, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY.....who knows, maybe I'm just loopy!!!

- rah

p.s. - no really, there's a LIVE CD RECORDING THIS WEEKEND AT ZENOS!!! 

p.p.s. - Hey Jooooooooooooooooosh, I found an old picture of you....

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