Monday, May 17, 2010

Sincere Thanks to Old & New Friends Alike!!

What a great night we had at The Blockley Pourhouse!!! With the moderate face-lift the Blue Method has undergone with the addition of JOE TRUGLIO on drums and the [re]addition of LUKE O'REILLY on keys, nothing feels better than to have both new and old faces partying with us when we come back home!

Last Friday was one of our first shows in a good minute in a new venue, and your overwhelming support is greatly needed and above all APPRECIATED!! We thank you all for coming out and singing along, buying CD's, and DANCING EXTRA HARD like never before! We love it and it keeps us going!

In the midst of all the revamping, we are currently working on writing NEW MUSIC and changing our live show. What kinds of songs/covers/etc do you want to see more of from us? Know of any new (to us) venues where you would love to see The Method? Leave a comment, visit us on Facebook, Tweet us, or simply give us a shout at the next show! Keep checking back for more updates and we look forward to seeing and hearing from you!

Take it light party people,

Rah & TBM

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh, What a Night......

"WOW" pretty much sums up all of last night's show at the BLUE NOTE! Between an amazing vocal night by Brian, another stellar performance by our newest addition JOE TRUGLIO, and having the homie LUKE O'REILLY literally destroy the organ and all things keys....we couldn't have asked for a better time in the Big Apple. The place was packed, everybody was on their feet and in their seats grooving hard, and the energy from the crowd was nothing short of inspiring and out of this world! What an experience!

Each night we play a place like the Blue Note is quite an experience. Knowing the legendary performers that played and continue to play on that stage is quite humbling, and it's an honor to receive so much love and appreciation from new and old patrons alike. Energy like last night's, Theron's tribute show last March at WORLD CAFE LIVE, and honestly every single show are what have kept us going through the years. So on behalf of the Blue Method, I offer everlasting LOVE and GRATITUDE to all of our f(riends)ans for always showing up, showing out, and sticking around to say hello at every gig. After almost 10 years, it still is only the beginning and we have so much more for you!

- rah

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Meth-heads, Funkateers, Blue-Boos and all other titles, LONG TIME NO TALK!!! It's amazing how much has happened in the past year since I last blogged. Where else to begin than the beginning....

First off, so sorry I haven't been able to keep everybody up to to date with all of our comings and goings...I PROMISE TO DO BETTER!! A lot of changes have been made in the Blue Method, but rest assured that we are not going ANYWHERE. Special thanks to ALL 600 OF YOU that came out to World Cafe Live last month for yet another spectacular sold-out night. It was a special evening indeed as we paid tribute to our #1 drummer THERON SHELTON; his entire family was in the house and sincerely thanks all of YOU (his "Other Family," pun intended lol) for sharing so much positive love and support for them and us!

Secondly...NEW MUSIC!!! You got a taste of some new goodies on VOLUME LIVE....this summer we'll be hard at work at putting together a NEW ALBUM for you all! Expect to see some new music previews at all of our upcoming shows, make sure you're in attendance when we hit your city to say hi and give us your feedback!

Let's see what else....ah yes, you may notice a few new faces with us! We thank our good friend CHARLIE PATIERNO for stepping up and rocking with us on drums for the past year, GOOD TIMES INDEED! As Charlie moves on to explore some new musical opportunities, we like to welcome another friend of ours JOE TRUGLIO to the Blue Method. Joe might be familiar to some of you already; he's a WORLD-RENOWNED drummer and musician, great Philadelphia talent and has already sat in with us on numerous occasions! We are extra excited to have him in the fold, be sure to come out and welcome him to the family!

That's all for now folks, thanks to all of our long-time and new fans alike for keeping up with us and always showing us love and support. 2010 is looking to be a BIG year for the Blue Method, make sure you're all holding on tight for this ride!!!

make it funky,

p.s. - be sure to follow us on twitter at, and if you want to keep up with my day to day dealings with Blue Method and all my other projects, follow me at and at! Talk to you all soon.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009



It's no secret that the pain we've been been feeling has been beyond difficult for us and the Shelton family. It's with the greatest sincerity that THE BLUE METHOD and THERON'S FAMILY thank the fans for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. For all of you that came to the funeral, have written, called, bumped our music and come out to support....WE THANK YOU!! It means so much to us when our fans stand by us as FRIENDS!

We're back THIS WEEKEND in Philly to get down at Warmdaddy's! We'll have special guests CHARLIE PATIERNO and JOE TRUGLIO on drums Friday and Saturday. Help continue to support the Blue Method by coming out or going online and purchasing VOLUME LIVE! If you're still digging back to keep up with our older music, KILL THE MUSIC VOLUME 1 and for the first time this year VOLUME 2 are both available at shows and online at ROPEADOPE DIGITAL!

We thank you all again for rocking with us through this tragedy, the support is great medicine for helping us heal! Continue to post your thoughts and love to our FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, and BLOG SITES!! Keep checking back for our show updates and other news!

doin' it well,

Friday, January 23, 2009

Jam Base loves the Blue Method!

What up My Meth-Heads!?  Special thanks to Adam for this excellent review of our December visit to the Center of the Earth, be sure to check it out and leave some feedback!
- Sung

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Big Apple, the Blue Note, & The Blue Method!

What it does everybody, is it cold enough for you out there!???  Special thanks to everybody for packing ZENO'S last weekend and extra EXTRA special  thanks to my good friend NICK BOCKRATH of HIGHBRID and ropeadope's BODEGA for sitting in and murdering on guitar with us! 

As for this week, TBM is dropping the '09 ball on NYC this Saturday at the legendary BLUE NOTE!  Come get warmed up with us despite all this frigid cold...we'll got the brand new VOLUME LIVE and KILL THE MUSIC, VOL. 1, as effective "hawk" fighters available at the show!  Come on out, relax, and grab a late meal while you get down with us on Saturday, see you there!

- rah

Saturday, 01/24/2009
THE BLUE NOTE - Late Night Groove Series 
131 West 3rd Street
New York, New York 10012
Time: 12:30 am - 3:30 am
Cost: $8.00

Monday, January 12, 2009

Blue Method Online in '09!!

Happy New Year everybody!!! We thank you all once again for all of your heartfelt support through all of 2008! Volume Live has been received with rave reviews, and we are going to continue to bring it to the masses this year!
I know a lot of you weren't able to get out to see us since the release in November, but don't can now get your copy of Volume Live online! Still getting your BM collection up to speed? No problem there either, you can get your download of Kill the Music, Vol. 2 as well! Click here to head over to Digstation to get your copies today!

As 2009 begins rolling along, you may notice a few new faces with us from time to time. We'll be giving you all the same (and new!) TBM madness you all love with a few special guests sitting in with us....keep your eyes peeled here for more details soon. Lots of new and exciting features are currently in the works, stay in the loop by signing up for our mailing lists at any of our shows! You can always head over to and sign up, or shoot us a message on here with your name and your city and you'll know when we're coming to your town!

NJ folks get ready...we'll be at DADZ this Friday then back up to our home-on-the-road ZENO'S this Saturday! This marks the two year mark for the kid (me), press your way out this weekend to get down with me!!

- rah