Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh, What a Night......

"WOW" pretty much sums up all of last night's show at the BLUE NOTE! Between an amazing vocal night by Brian, another stellar performance by our newest addition JOE TRUGLIO, and having the homie LUKE O'REILLY literally destroy the organ and all things keys....we couldn't have asked for a better time in the Big Apple. The place was packed, everybody was on their feet and in their seats grooving hard, and the energy from the crowd was nothing short of inspiring and out of this world! What an experience!

Each night we play a place like the Blue Note is quite an experience. Knowing the legendary performers that played and continue to play on that stage is quite humbling, and it's an honor to receive so much love and appreciation from new and old patrons alike. Energy like last night's, Theron's tribute show last March at WORLD CAFE LIVE, and honestly every single show are what have kept us going through the years. So on behalf of the Blue Method, I offer everlasting LOVE and GRATITUDE to all of our f(riends)ans for always showing up, showing out, and sticking around to say hello at every gig. After almost 10 years, it still is only the beginning and we have so much more for you!

- rah

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