Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tired? Bah!!!!

Don't ask what's keeping me awake for this blog after this crazy weekend the Method had! With all this new song business and new album (!!!) planning I've been way too crazy to keep everybody up to speed on our happenings!!

We had a great weekend that had absolutely nothing to do with a good night's sleep, treking from Vermont to Penn State then back home again in less than 48 hours! Special thanks to the Manchester Bar and Grill for having us at the 8 Days in April festival. It was our first time in the city and we loved every minute of it, especially our special "gifts" left to the Josh Dion Band. Definitely gotta "Give Love" (pun) to the JDB for hanging out with us in Vermont and all the other great bands for sticking around and partying with us. And of course we can never forget the illustrious Queen Royal for making a 3 hour trip to help keep our spirits up!

After a great show is always a few hours of relaxation and warm showers, right? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! The Method doesn't sleep, and with a bang full of balls to the wall gangsters like this one hot showers are for losers! We take our showers ICE COLD then pile into the Navi for a nice quick trip down to State College at 2 a.m. baby!

Weary means nothing to us once again. We kept the energy up after that 8 hour drive to get down with hundreds of fans, old and new, for the Movin' Up festival at Penn State. Thanks to Megan and all the other staff for really taking excellent care of us all afternoon and for putting on an extremely well-run and professional event! And of course we were honored to be in the presence of lots of great acts like Raekwon the Chef, Say Anything, Vedera and several others...a spectacular event indeed.

Okay, so now the Method gets to rest? NOOOOOOOOO!!!! After a few pit stops at some of our favorite S.C. spots like JAMAICA JUNCTION and OTTOS we decide to keep the party movin' and head on home...all in a weekend'd work!

Whew...after a run like that you'd think we'd cool it for a week or so. You might as well forget it....we've got another HUGE weekend coming up! Friday night marks the release of the Josh Dion Band's new CD at the HIGHLINE BALLROOM in NYC, featuring us taking the stage at 11:30 to help them celebrate! Check out our page and the JDB site for advance ticket information...this show will be packed and is not one to miss!

Okay, my vision is getting blurry so maybe I'll take a nap now...see you all on Friday and on the road!

- rah

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