Thursday, December 11, 2008

Givin' Love, Givin' Thanks!!!

We're winding down 2008, and we've got to give thanks to all of you for your tremendous support this year! Kill the Music Vol.
, our sophomore album, has sold beyond the point of control! Not to worry though, we'll have many more in a new LIMITED EDITION PACKAGING very soon!

Speaking of giving thanks, we're heading back up to ZENO'S this weekend to celebrate our new album VOL. LIVE with our State College Friends that made this album possible!!! You won't have to listen too closely to hear you all screaming on it, press your way down to 100 College Ave. Saturday night to hang out with us one mo' 'gin for '08 at our SC ALBUM RELEASE PARTY! Plenty of Vol. LIVE will be available, don't hesitate to holla at us early to reserve your copy!!

All of you hometowners need to not worry, we're rocking MAXINE'S in Trenton tomorrow for a special FREE SHOW! We hit just after Happy Hour, so get your weekend Funk Buzz going with BRIAN in his hometown! Next weekend we're returning to good old WARMDADDY'S in south Philly for some end of the year food and fun! Vol. LIVE will be available at both shows for purchasing, get your copy ASAP!!

Closing out, I want to thank each and every one of you that comes out to the shows, buys albums, and continues to spread the word about the Blue Method.
You all are the number one reason why we continue to spend the long hours on the road travelling great distances to hang out and get down! 2009 promises to bring even more of the great music you love and lots of other news!

Keep Rockin'!

- rah

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