Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And Up North is Freezing Cold....

I think I've thawed out enough after this oh man is Lake Placid and Burlington cold!  But your boy Rah and Blue Method will pull through as always.  Big thanks to the all the folks at the Whiteface Ski Center for a great show Friday afternoon and congrats to all the Freestyle winners from all over the world. 

And as usual Nectar's was the real party spot of Burlington!  Big thanks to Justin and all the staff at Nectar's for the great sound and all the trimmings.   Thanks also to the Bill Owens Five and Bob and Will for sharing the stage with us.  But the biggest thanks go to all the fans and newcomers that came and PACKED Nectar's through all the snow and brutally cold wind to party with us until 2 in the morning!  You all make the long trips worthwhile and fun, it's great to see you all and have a minute to chat and share a drink! 

Aiight, I'm still cold from my One-Year Anniversary snowball pelting...we're rocking Zeno's Saturday, and the anniversary celebration is still on and poppin'!!!

- rah

p.s.- Don't forget to head over World Cafe Live to pick up your tickets for our February 9th show with the Josh Dion Band and Natural Selections!  Get them while they are still available, tickets are limited!

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Esennyl said...

Oh! Finally! I'm not blinded anymore! :) Love you boys!